Face Painting


We're giving you a new and unique canvas; FACES! An artist’s ability to paint is not always limited to a blank piece of paper or a flat surface; it doesn't always have to start from scratch. Face painting will provide you guys with an opportunity to experiment, allowing you to create what you want. This competition promotes the collaboration of nature with one’s own skills and talent.

You are required to choose ONLY 1 topic from the following:
• Fiction
• Vogue
• Wildlife

• A team must comprise of 2 participants, an artist and a model.
• Each institution can send up to two teams.

 • If the model is already registered for another event in Grammathon, then they do NOT need to register separately, as the model for the Face Painting competition. If he/she is NOT registered in any other competition, then they MUST register separately, as the model for a specific artist in the model hunt competition. 

Rules and guidelines:
• You will be given a total time of 5 hours on a single day with a 30 minutes break in between.
• The participants are supposed to present their work to the judges themselves.
• Absence of any participant will result in disqualification.
• Participants MUST refrain from portraying nudity or obscenity.
• Plagiarism will lead to immediate disqualification.
• All participants MUST report to the head before sitting for the competition.
• All teams will begin work simultaneously on the commencement of the contest and will have five hours to complete their work.
• Violating any one of the rules above will result in disqualification.

• You will only be provided with a pack of glitter glue for this competition.
• Other than that, all the participants are required to bring their own material and medium.

Criteria for Judgment:
The work will be analyzed for the following:
1. Quality of work
2. Creativity
3. Rule following
4. Originality of the work
5. Presentation

Winner and Runners up Award.